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In Acts 12 we see a great story of God being at work through the prayers of the saints.

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Chapter twelve begins by telling us that another persecution of the saints begins, but focused on the leaders of the church. 

In verses 1-5 we see that James (brother of John) is put to the sword by King Herod.  Herod saw that the Jews were pleased by this and had Peter arrested.  In verse 5 the church was making earnest prayer for Peter. 

Verses 6-19 is the  result of those prayers.  Peter is led out of the prison by an angel.  It seemed so unreal that even Peter thought that he was dreaming.  When he is out on the street he realized that it was not a dream and he was free.  Then he goes to Mary's (mother of John Mark) house where the saints were praying for him. 

Here is the funny part of the story.  Rhoda goes to the door to see who was knocking and finds Peter there.  She is in shock and leaves Peter outside the door and tells the church that Peter was standing outside the door.  The church doesn't believe her and says that it is Peter's angel.  Peter continued to knock and when the church opened the door they saw Peter and while being amazed they let him in.  Peter told them how the angel escorted him out of prison with the soldiers asleep.

The all important lesson of this story is the importance of prayer in the life of the church.  Here we again see the church at prayer and God acts. 

When God's people are in prayer, He moves and does mighty things.  It is vital for the church to have a dynamic prayer ministry and be active in prayer, both as individuals and corporately. 

I dare say, that if your church does not have a weekly prayer meeting it is not a healthy church and is in grave danger of losing the battle the church is or is about to face.

The church that prays will see God do great an amazing things!